Handmade ceramics and sculpture

We currently work from our studios at our home in Whitstable. Drawing on our love of both the coast and the surrounding countryside, Jan produces quality functional ceramic pieces fired to stoneware temperatures, whilst David is a sculptor who works in wood, stone and clay.

One of our favourite aspects to handmade items is that every piece is truly unique, and so we make sure that this is emphasised in the processes that we use. This is as true of the cast sculptures as for the layered glazes on our functional ceramics. As an example, our Midnight Cascade range blends two glazes to produce delicate waves of blue over liquorice and has proved to be a favourite with our customers.

Remember that all of our pieces can be adjusted to your requirements in size and shape (within the limits of our kilns) and can be finished in any of our standard glazes. Just let us know!

Midnight cascade sake set

Midnight Cascade Sake Set


We currently have two ceramic shows that will, we hope, go ahead.
These are :-

If there are any changes to current arrangements I will post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – otherwise it would be lovely to see you there!

Meanwhile, I am still making, firing and filling orders. If you are interested in any of my work then a selection is available through my online shop on Etsy and you can also use my contact me page for any work that you might want made to order.

Regular shows attended over the previous years (2020/21 dates to be updated) :-

If you are interested in any of the products that you saw at a show please use our contact us page to drop us a line.


We are currently looking to expand our sales through shops and galleries. If you would be interested then please contact us directly through admin@fullmooncrafts.co.uk or use our contact us page.


If there are any ideas that you would like to discuss with us for carvings or pottery then get in touch and let us know the details.


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After all the awfulness of 2020 to have lost these two within twelve months of each other has left our family broken. So glad we had the chance to know and love them for all this time 😢. pic.twitter.com/GZhKnpbc56