Bebe’s  Wildlife/Nature Photography –  Bebe (Brenda Ball) is an amateur photographer specialising in wildlife and nature subjects and the occasional portrait, but, more especially  animals and birds. All images are as seen and not digitally enhanced. Bebe now retired, is privileged to be a volunteer at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Home of the Big Sanctuary at Smarden near Ashford . Most of the animals at the centre are part of the European Breeding Programme for Endangered Big Cats and are often subjects for her photography.

Bebe has also travelled to many countries of the world, Kenya, Namibia, India, Thailand, Australia, Tanzania and Tobago to name but a few, with wide and varied subjects.

Bebe uses the Canon 50D and 7D cameras with a variety of lens most commonly the 18mm-200mm and 100mm-400mm zoom lenses.

Together with her photographic work, Bebe will be selling greetings cards, all with images taken by herself and other small gifts using her photography.


It's just fantastic @AilsaBlack that you are highlighting the plight of the Scottish #wildcat through your art. We love this enchanting painting of our Highland Tiger #FridayFeline…