Front ImageIn this week before Valentine’s Day we worked hard to bring you a collection of fine arts and crafts from some of the best makers in the area. This covers a wide range of prices, sizes and styles – from fine painted agate jewellery through to paintings and even handmade furniture.


Bebes Wildlife Photography   Bebe (Brenda Ball) is an amateur photographer specialising in wildlife and   nature subjects, especially  animals   and birds. All images are as seen and not digitally enhanced. More >>
David Howard – Creating   sculpture of  a wide range of subjects   – first in wood, then stone and more recently in using cold casting. More >>
David Mortimer – Firebird   Forge specialises in the hot forging of iron and steel to create unique items   for private homes and public places. Unique designs are invested with   individual character by hand forging techniques that stretch back through the   centuries. More >>
Deborah Baynes – I have   been making pots professionally since 1971. My constant preoccupation has   been with throwing and the endless variations, possibilities and pleasure to   be had from manipulating wet clay both on and off the potters’ wheel –   combined of course with the alchemy of fire. More >>
Jan Howard – Creating   pieces with simple but functional forms, decorated in layered glazes,   inspired by my love of Japanese ceramics. More >>
Janet Aldis – Colour,   texture and movement with intense colour, are major aspects within my work   with flowing abstract qualities often depicting water and seas.  More >>
Nick Stewart, Mudlark furniture –   Driftwood furniture and sculpture inspired by the salt-marshes of North Kent. More >>
Painted Lizard (Dawn Mannerings) – I paint miniatures onto beautiful, semi precious agate   stone slices and pendants. These feature wildlife, animals, pets, and also   fantasy creatures. More >>
Pauline Urwin – My love of   colour and the environs in which I live are reflected within my work, which   is a very personal response to the subjects portrayed. More >>
Phil Webb – Phil Webb,   Nature Maker. My work is based on flora & fauna, using natural recycled   & man made natural recycled materials E.g. Copper wire, Aluminium cans,   Stone & Wood. More >>
Rod Bere – I paint in oils in a style I think of as 3 dimensional impressionism.Inspired by nature and many experiences from a very varied life, my work encompasses many subjects. More >>

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