Handmade ceramics and sculpture

Can’t See What You Want?

Handmade pottery is always a pleasure to hold and use, but you might want something slightly different to what’s in stock. It may be that you want it bigger – or smaller – than the standard size. Maybe you would like the piece in a different glaze or you would like to have your initials carved on it?

2013 12 Large Celadon Mugs-001

One important advantage of working with a potter who makes each pot personally is that if you like what is on display but it isn’t quite right then we can adjust it according to your needs.
We’ll make it as simple as possible for you to get what you want. We don’t charge extra for it and we provide a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the finished item.

How does it work?

il_fullxfull.422121545_kqji.jpgWhen you contact us we will:

  1. Discuss and agree on what you want.
  2. Provide a quote and agree the delivery details.
  3.   If the order is for over £100 we will ask for a 25% deposit to start the order.
  4. Take final payment when the order is complete.
  5. We’ll send it to you.
  6. We want you to be delighted, and if you’re not we’ll provide full refund on return – deposit and all.

What can we make for you?

We generally receive two kinds of request. The first is where people see something we’ve made that is “almost but not quite right”. An example is where a customer liked our cereal bowls, but wanted a slightly smaller one in our Midnight Cascade glaze. These requests tend to be easy to understand and quick to deliver.

Pair of rice bowls

The second kind is where something completely new is wanted. These requests take a little longer and will need more discussion, but the result might be something that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. For example a recent customer required a design of serving dishes to fit a unique serving table made from an oak barrel.

There are however some limitations, these include size (our kilns are only so big!), and colour. We have a stock set of glazes which you can choose from. Other colours may be possible subject to cost and availability.  However we will be honest about what we can achieve and look forward to discussing possibilities with you.

About the pottery

Our entire range of functional pottery is hand made by Jan Howard from stoneware clay that is fired to over 1200 degrees Centigrade. This means that it is:

  • Oven proof.
  • Microwave and dishwasher proof.
  • Much more robust than it looks.

il_fullxfull.422317800_m87j.jpgMost of the work is thrown on a wheel, though some is constructed using slabs shaped on a mould. The work is then dried and placed in the kiln for the first time to be fired to produce bisque ware that is suitable for glazing. Once the glaze has been applied, and dried again, then the piece goes back into the kiln to be glost fired. In this firing the glaze and pottery piece melt and merge together. The resultant fusing of the ware means that it is a very robust form of pottery which is equally suited to use in the kitchen or garden.

So lets talk…

Yes – Please contact me to discuss making something special just for me.

I realise that:

  • There is no obligation to actually buy anything.
  • I won’t be charged for discussing what I would like you to make.
  • You will provide a fixed price quote.
  • Any payment is refundable if I’m not completely satisfied up to and including delivery.



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